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IVAcons is an independent project management, engineering and consultancy company, providing professional services for companies operating in construction and real estate industries, to ensure their benefits and targets.Serving especially for residential and commercial construction and real estate investment projects, IVAcons aims to maximize the returns of those projects, requiring many different areas of specialization, by meeting their targets of quality, schedule, cost and revenue.

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Our Approach

Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.

Our Vision

Domestic and foreign real estate investors and construction companies in the services they need, and quickly considered the most successful Giving direction to the working of every employee and company goals IVAcons' remodeling and the development of enterprise skills Delivering world-class customer service, providing sustainable value, attracting and retaining the finest employees and building upon local tradition and heritage.

Our Mission

To work toward bringing mutual investments to life, provide innovative and groundbreaking services in various business sectors. Real estate investment, the best processes in the field of design and creation of marketing

Our Values

•Selfless service •Creative solutions •Cultural integration •Sustainable partnership

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