Design Management

Value of a project is mainly created during the design phase. This value can be maximized by perfectly managing the design process. An effective design management ensures timely execution and prevents overspanding. It also increases the design and material quality, assures the perfect match of infrastructure with architectural structure. Project’s accordance to legal restrictions and regulations is also ensured. Processes such as insurance and marketing take advantage of design management. Design Management Process • Definition of design criteria (local and international standards, legal restrictions) • Preliminary assessment of design team and consultant candidates • Preparation of specifications documents • Tender calls • Assessment of tender bids • Design contest organization and assessment • Teaming a qualified jury • Selection of the best project for investor’s purpose • Design of each project component for target market segment • Management of public authority (government, municipality) processes Orientation of design team • Preparation, superposition, approval and control of work plan • Control and coordination of projects and computations • Control of technical specifications • Control of estimations and BOQ • Approval of design progress and interims

Construction Management

Construction management starts during project design, continuing with tender management and determination of main contractor and subcontractors. The main goal is perfect application of projects, conserving the mutual benefits of investors and contractors. Construction Management Process • Bid preparation (for contractors) • Mobilization planning • Establishment of project team • Preparation of project master plan • Planning / cost control / contract management • Data input for project management softwares • Planning and cost control reporting • Procurement maangement and logistic planning • Project cash flow planning • Subcontractor determination and assignment with best contract type (unit price, cost + profit, lupmsum, GMP - guaranteed maximum price, construction management @ risk etc.) • Monitoring and supervision • Work health and safety management

Real Estate Development

Identification of real estate investment problems and
unmanagable risks before investment decision is a task requiring experience and technical knowledge. IVAcons, with its experience based on years of studies and dynamic market knowledge, analyses the efficiencies and profitabilities of investments, leading the investors to most profitable alternatives. Real Estate Development Process • SWOT analysis of investment and investor, to develop real estate investment strategies for investor • Market researches for investor’s demands and requirements, by which the location and target market suitable for investor’s strategies is identified • Basic feasibility and financial analysis based on zoning status of plots • Coordination and management of and zoning revisions and amendments (if needed), based on city planning principles • Among conceptual architectural projects, Identification of best project concept, depending on urbanism and city planning principles • Update of basic feasibility and financial studies according to identified “concept project” • Preparation of preliminary architectural, interior architectural and engineering (structural, electrical, mechanical, earth mechanics) design reports

Real Estate Consultancy

Investors should go over real estate investments with a fine tooth comb to avoid mistakes. Real estate is an investment instrument with its own logic and dynamics. IVAcons defines and identifies the properties subject to investment, with services peculiar to real estate market. Due Diligence Due diligence reports are prepared based on investor’s needs and strategies, in the light of official documents such as zoning plan and cadastral extract. Real Estate Evaluation The most important issue for any real estate investment decision is determination of investment property’s “real value”. In evaluation studies: • Sales Comparison • Cost Analysis • Income Capitalization approaches are used, which are globally acknowledged for real estate evaluation. Best Use Analysis Depending on the strategies of investor, every investment option is taken into account to estimate sales rate, income, investment cost, cash flow and financial evaluation ratios (IRR, ROI, NPV etc.) within “Best Use Analysis Report”

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01. Investment Consultancy Process

• BOQ, survey and budget management • Direct and indirect cost analysis • Resolution of work breakdown structure for CPM and determination of critical activities • Preparation of project masterplan, “investor’s handbook” • Feasibility study • Investment planning and budgeting • Tender management • Preparation of general, special, technical and administrative specification documents • Preparation of the necessary competition environment for contractor selection and evaluation • Supervision services • Show-house design consultancy • Project launch consultancy

02. Sales Process

• Identification of units and formation of pricing strategy depending on market researches • Sales office design and functioning consultancy • Teaming up, training, coordination, supervision and performance evaluation of sales team • Installment and system integration of sales CRM software • Set up and auditing of revenue collection system • Management of after-sales customer relations

03. Facility Operating Process

• Preparation of facility’s general operation methodology • Set up of procurement and fee collection systems

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